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He kura ka huna, He kura ka whākina

July 27, 2020

How the world views the idea of “disability”

This week we’re thinking about how the world views the idea of “disability” and how our tūpuna saw it. He kura ka huna, He kura ka whākina - We have hidden talents and gifts, We have gifts that are revealed. And they all - all of those gifts - come from Ngā Atua which is why the concept of “disability” doesn’t work for us. When you have an accident, you might lose one ability or sense but you gain others - highly valuable, honed skills, abilities, and senses that the rest of us don’t have. When you’re born “different,” the world might have trouble seeing your abilities. But that’s not truth - it’s just a reflection of the world being able to understand. Our tūpuna wisdom says that “disability” is really ABILITY. Giftedness. Special value and strength and insight that you bring to the world. Let’s remember and reclaim that knowing #ProtectOurWhakapapa #Manaaki20 #BeAGoodAncestor #TūpunaWisdom

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