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I love you and I don't want to lose you

April 7, 2020

Still talking to you, rangatahi mā…(But the rest of you listen up, too!)

That barbecue on the beach. That jam session in the garage. That rugby game at the park (aye Crusaders?) We all know they’re happening. And we can’t keep doing it. But what do you say to your mates that aren’t staying home? Can we talk about how to have a kōrero? A kōrero filled with aroha to say hey, we gotta take this shit seriously. You know your mates and your cuzzies. You probably know what’ll get through to them. But if you’re a bit stuck: Tell Tama he’s being a dick. Ask Anahera what you can do to support her to stay home. Offer to jump on a video chat with Maire. Be the brave one, the leader, the one who says, “Nah bro. I’m gonna stay at home.” However you decide to say it - PLEASE say it. Tell your friends it’s not OK to hang out together right now.

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