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Ka ora pea au i ā koe Ka ora koe i ā au

May 26, 2020

Hands up who’s struggling with not doing the hugging, kissing, catching up in level 2?

Yeah, us too… So how about this, whānau? How about we don’t just assume that everyone feels the same about the rāhui restrictions and tikanga right now? Everyone has different ways of feeling ok. We move at different paces. We’re still being encouraged to be mindful of hygiene, physical distancing, and the possibility of infection - whether it’s COVID-19 or anything else.. We can show our aroha for each other by NOT assuming. When you catch up, just pause - don’t put someone in an uncomfortable position of going in for the hug and the kiss without checking. It can be hard to say no to someone you love. Aroha ki te tangata - there’s lots of ways to do that right - and that way we’re all protecting each other.

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