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Ko te manu whai whakaaro, nōnā a Rangiātea

June 11, 2020

Emancipation of the mind.

Our tūpuna pursued thought and scholarship as a way of being. If you were a gardener or fisherman, you were the scholar of that artform. And so you didn’t just know how to garden and fish. You knew the science behind it. You learned the craft of it. You took what people think today is the “mundane” and you practiced, refined, and celebrated the skill and beauty of it. You became the tohunga of that craft. But when you lose your land, you lose your ability to garden. And when you lose your garden, you lose your ability to dream. When you lose your ability to dream, you take on the oppressor’s lies as your truth. And when we hold onto that truth, we create the bars that keep us prisoners of the mind. It’s time to break down those bars. None but ourselves will free our minds.

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