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Ko te manu whai whakaaro

April 16, 2020

School’s back on – but not just for tamariki.

Let’s learn from the māramataka (the Māori lunar-stellar calendar). The moon is in Tangaroa phase now – so energy is high as our kids move back into learning. In Tangaroa, the taiao (environment) is producing and giving. Combine that with the excitement of moving towards reconnecting and we’re primed to learn WITH our tamariki. Need some ideas? Go to the tamariki resources on our whānau resources page https://www.protectourwhakapapa.co.nz/whanau-online#tamariki [short link: https://bit.ly/POW-tamariki] (You can look on Te Ao Māori News each night to find out what phase of the māramataka we’re in, too.) Rereata Makiha Heeni Hoterene - Maramataka Māori Living by the stars with Professor Matamua.

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