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Rauemi / Resources

Often ‘official’ or mainstream messaging doesn’t speak to our indigenous ways of knowing, doing, and being.  That is why we created these resources specifically for us as Māori.

We’ve used both Te Reo and English, doing our best to provide the clearest, most helpful information we can. You can download or print them out, and share throughout your whānau, hapū, and iwi.


Click here to download the Te Reo versions as PDFs
Click here to download the English versions as PDFs
English - whanau wellbeingWhanau wellbeing te reo versionEnglish - whanau planTe reo version of Whanau Plan posterEnglish - personal wellbeingMaori - personal wellbeingEnglish - manaaki tangataMaori - manaaki tangataEnglish - essential itemsMaori - essential itemsEnglish - everyday lifeMaori - everyday lifeEnglish - protecting whanauMaori - protecting whanauEnglish - adapting our tikangaMaori - adapting our tikanga
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