We know. It’s all been about “look after our kaumātua” “the over 70s are most at risk”. But LOOK AT THIS. More rangatahi have this virus than any age group. That puts a responsibility on you whether you like it or not - your choices right now DO affect people's lives. So you really can make a difference. Please, stop it. That quick catch up down the road. That sneaky hook up. That “you’re not sick, I’m not sick, we’ll make our own bubble,” it’s all bullshit. Don't touch - keep in touch! It's hard but you can do it. Text messages, video calls, facebook groups. You're already doing it. Remind yourself that it is enough to see you through the lockdown, to keep in touch with your mates, to encourage them to stay home, too. The power’s in your hands. Save lives. Stay at home.


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