E pēwhea ana tātou? How are we all doing?

We know that rāhui has raised stress-levels through the roof, and we know that as stress increases, so does violence in the home. But what can you do about that? Take care of yourself. Make sure you’re all good, or it’s hard to be patient. Notice what’s going on in your whare and in your extended bubble. Make sure you have whānau timeout zones, and that everyone’s having turns using them. Remember it’s ok to not be ok. Ask for help if it’s getting too much. You know how we can see something but we think it’s not our place to say anything about it? It is. Remember, it’s our shared responsibility to #ProtectOurWhakapapa. With our #WaiataMai launch coming up on Saturday at 8pm, it’s a good time to think about those kupu: Ko te mea nui, ko te aroha. Kaua e patu taku mokopuna. Kia awhi awhi mai taku mokopuna korikori e.


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