Let’s get ready for what’s to come!

We’re moving to level 2 and it kind of feels like life’s going back to normal, BUT IT’S NOT. Things are gonna be stressful for a while yet, whānau! We know these things for a fact: During the rāhui, demand for Women’s Refuge increased 35% - When times are hard we self-medicate. We get mad. We hurt people - even when the All Blacks lose - family violence increases. We also know that in Level 2 and beyond: Whānau are gonna struggle. The stress of feeling pohara and worrying about paying bills will make things worse. Family violence WILL increase, unless we do something about it. So let’s get ready. Let’s talk about what’s coming. Let’s talk about how it’s ok to not be ok. Let’s talk about how to ask for help. If you think you’re gonna lose it - call 0800 456 450. If you’re not safe - call 0800 456 450. Or check out www.areyouok.org.nz. “Increased unemployment, growing emotional and psychological distress along with potential increases in self-medication will provide fertile ground for family violence. These conditions are going to be with us for some time and we have to be ready for what's to come.” - Ang Jury, CEO Women’s Refuge


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