It’s time to think about being more self-sufficient.

The budget has been announced. There’s a lot of money being put into public services. But that investment doesn’t foster our independence and self-sufficiency - our tino rangatiratanga, our mana motuhake. Only we can do that. For some of us, the rāhui has helped us go back to the essentials: baking, planting kai, preserving, cooking healthier meals - we’ve had the time at home to do it. So let’s build on that. What can your whānau do to continue to reduce dependency on services, money, the grid, and the government? What tūpuna wisdom and traditional ways of living can we make part of our new normal? It’s not easy. But self-determination is ours if we choose to claim it. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Whāia te tino rangatiratanga. Whāia te mana motuhake.


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