We’re reimagining, reinterpreting, and reinvigorating our future.

In this time when the world is changing, when we’re reimagining, reinterpreting, and reinvigorating our future, let’s turn our minds to the artists - kaitoi. Through toi we explore and we express. We challenge perceptions and lean in to discomfort. Through toi we connect. We heal. We find new ways of seeing things. Without our artists our world would be…less. Which Māori artists have work that speaks to you and your whānau? Let’s promote them. Because we need them to help shape our evolution. We don’t want a new normal. We want far, far better than that. We’ll start - go and check out the work of these incredible kaitoi. Share it. Promote it. Buy it. And then, tag the creative natives you know, too. Maori Weaving with Veranoa Hetet. Hiria Anderson. Artist Tipi Wehipeihana. TE KAHUI TOREA Troy Harbottle. Jordyn Daniels. KE Design - Māori Art and Design by Kaaterina and Tai Kerekere. Regan Balzer Arts. Anikaaro Harawira-Havili. Michael Matchitt Māori Artist. Horomona Horo. Gabrielle Belz. Daniel Ormsby Maori & Pacific Artists. Whakairo - Maori Carving. Massive shout out to YeeYang 'Square' Lee, and the crew from AA(e)-C(19)C - Aotearoa Arts and Events during the COVID-19 Crisis who are pushing for an arts-led national recovery from Covid-19 (we also hear he’s having a birthday - rā whānau, e hoa!) Now you - #TagAMāoriArtist and share, share, share! He mahi toi He toi ora (Image inspired by Mr G Hoete Art).


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